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Marv Wessel is the CEO of Global RF Solutions, a consulting firm that specializes in the measurement, analysis and mitigation of RF hazards and harmful radio frequency (RF) interference.

In 1998 Marv founded the company that specializes in the measurement, analysis and mitigation of radio frequency (RF) hazards and harmful interference to communications systems. He has been directly involved in the measurement and analysis of thousands of communications sites. Customers have included cellular phone carriers, public utilities, municipalities, privately held companies and individuals.

Marv is currently a voting member of the International Committee of Electromagnetic Safety (ICES), a member of IEEE and for the past decade an active working member for the IEEE TC95 subcommittee group that develops safety limits, calculations, communications and measurements with Respect to Human Exposure to Electric, Magnetic and Electromagnetic Fields, 0Hz to 300 GHz.


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The FCC utilizes technical standards developed by the IEEE to provide guidance for their own standards and policies regarding RF safety limits, measurements and standards.

Global RF Solutions is based in Chandler AZ (Phoenix suburb). We can provide efficient service throughout the Western United States by using a private aircraft to reach areas of the country that are typically difficult to service due to geographical location.


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