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Our Commitment is that every project deserves and receives our professional attention to detail. The client's best interest is what drives all decisions in completing each project. Every task is approached objectively, which allows us to present all available options to the client. This means projects are completed on time and in the most cost effective and efficient manner, to this we are committed.

About us

Marv Wessel, the CEO of Global RF Solutions has more than 36 years of wireless communications experience. He is currently a voting member of the International Committee of Electromagnetic Safety (ICES), a member of IEEE...


We are very knowledgeable with all aspects of RF compliance. We are also experts in the use of Narda narrowband measurement equipment (used by the FCC Enforcement Bureau). We are also specialists in identifying and mitigating radio frequency (RF) interference issues. We can also provide technical training for all of these disciplines (some training available online). Do you need an impartial third party to evaluate an RF safety product like test equipment, RF analysis software or personal protective equipment? How about testing RF monitors (calibrating) to ensure proper operation.

Useful Links

We have several links to useful videos, articles, papers and other technical links related to the wireless industry.